We offer a number of different media presentations.  From countdowns to start an event, to slideshows, to announcement videos, to promotional videos, we’ve got you covered.  We have a long history of operating media for churches and businesses.  We can help assist in setting up a new system, upgrade a current system or be a consultant on the project at hand.

Below you will find several videos that we have used in the past for our local assemblies.  You will find an example of a customized countdown with a personalized welcome message and a song to accompany it. You will find an announcement video for a church that has information about upcoming events. This particular video is used on Sunday mornings in both the main auditorium and foyer before and after service.  There are a few promotional videos to give you an example what we can produce and you will find a few logo reveal videos that add an extra little professionalism to a project.

If you are interested in our Media services, please Contact Us.